Current Projects


current projects


Transformative Cyber innovation lab, FDD

Camille Stewart is leading a project with the Transformative Cyber Innovation Lab (TCIL) to explore technology leakage through the courts. Today, there is significant intellectual property and technology leakage through bankruptcy courts because judges are not knowledgeable on export controls, Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), threat actors, and the national security vulnerabilities which develop as a result of the loss of cyber IP to adversarial nations and their state-backed companies. Camille has studied the scope of the problem and developed a notional plan to build a training module for the legal community. The results, development plan, and next steps will be released later this year. Check here,, and updates and to access the report, upon release.

Court Alert - – New CFIUS Regulations Implement Mandatory Filings Prior to Foreign Ownership – NAICS Codes Implications

emerging technology and cybersecurity Working Group, WCAPS

Camille is partnering with Women of Color Advancing Peace & Security to lead a working group on emerging technology & cybersecurity. This working group will focus on the impacts of emerging technology and cybersecurity on communities of color with an emphasis on women of color. Technology has the power to bridge divides and empower underserved and underrepresented communities. However, the unique needs of communities of color are often an afterthought as new capabilities promulgate as well as these communities are largely unaware of the cybersecurity & privacy concerns and trade-offs inherent in using technology. This lack of widespread engagement and understanding perpetuates a system that exacerbates the chasm between privileged and underprivileged communities and places unnecessary boundaries on innovation rather than promoting positive change.  This working group will identify, amplify, & augment work being done to explore the effects of emerging technology and cybersecurity concerns on communities of color; promote the engagement of communities of color in the national and international discourse on relevant issues; and explore equipping communities of color to enter the workforce of the future.



Blaze Challenge 2019

Camille is part of the leadership team planning the BLAZE Challenge launching in 2019. Blaze is a gathering of talent with innovative business ideas designed to ignite solutions that solve a unique need in their community. As the world drives toward meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and otherwise building sustainable and equitable societies, Blaze pulls together innovators & entrepreneurs to help them refine and advance their ideas for fostering neighborhood revitalization and job generation. Each year, hand-picked talent teams collaborate though BLAZE to nurture smart solutions to intended to build capacity within their communities. Our purpose is to create hope and opportunity as a sustainable empowerment agent in American communities. The program is focused on harnessing emerging technology to promote sustainability in communities across North America. While a winner will be selected, all participants will gain insight, access to resources, and training that will advance their business idea. Areas of particular interest: Wearable Technology, Accessibility & Inclusion, Health /Wellness, Education, Cyber Security and the Next Generation Transportation.